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Top Five Activities a Learning Tower Allow You to Share with Your Toddler

February 27th, 2021

A learning tower can help children find lifelong interests that were previously out of reach. With the help of a learning tower, any environment can become a place to learn and play. Its simplicity and design will turn any place, from the garage to the kitchen, into their new favorite room. If you’ve been looking for ways to encourage independence and experiencing new activities, a learning tower is the perfect solution.

The great thing about a learning tower is that it allows your child to get a closer look at the task at hand. From both watching and learning their parents do something, they get a sense of intrigue and interest. From there, the world is their oyster as they suddenly have the power to help mommy and daddy with whatever they are doing.

While there are endless uses for a toddler tower, here are five activities that a learning tower allows a toddler to easily participate in:

Cooking and Baking

This steady piece of equipment has become a mainstay at homes across North America. With the boost it provides, any child can watch, learn, and even partake in certain kitchen tasks. By getting a child engaged in simple kitchen tasks, they develop a love for cooking at an earlier age than ever before.

Arts and Crafts

Another activity that a learning tower can help toddlers to partake in is arts and crafts. Anything from small art projects such as making cards, to larger projects like wrapping gifts or collages are made simple with a learning tower.

Helping with Chores

One of the benefits that a toddler learning tower provides is a sense of independence. Part of that independence comes from being responsible. A learning tower can help kids experience this firsthand. For example, you can show your children how to wash dishes after eating or how to properly put their books away in the correct spot.

Hanging Out

Sometimes it is nice to just hang out with your child and let them be with you. If it is a rainy day outside, you can prepare a warm beverage and bring your child’s tower over to the window to let them see out of it. With the help of a learning tower, toddlers often go from feeling like they are not involved to the star of family board game nights or DIY projects.

Whatever Interests Them

At the end of the day, the one thing that a learning tower does is open up a world of new possibilities. With a toddler tower, you can get your child involved with anything. Being able to introduce new and unique hobbies and activities to your child will turn any place into a dynamic learning environment.

This can let them discover new things on their own and foster the growth of a lifelong passion. The possibilities for a learning tower are as large as your child’s imagination.

Tiny Trends Design Co. is a homegrown Canadian business. Our learning tower is designed with safety as its top priority. With our unique structure, we elevate children to explore new heights.

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