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Shared Activities Help You Connect with Your Toddler

March 1st, 2021
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Finding shared activities to help you connect with your toddler is an important task for every parent. Shared activities allow you to bond together and help a child (and sometimes parents) develop skills needed for the rest of their lives. Anything from a trip to the park to bath time can be a fun learning experience for your toddler.

However, it sometimes seems that part of the connection is limited. When it was time to do housework, they are often left out of the action. And it is with good reason, trying to watch dad cut vegetables for a stew can be dangerous.

That might all be changing with a versatile tool known as a learning tower. This new piece of equipment is allowing children to explore undiscovered heights. With that, it has opened up a whole new realm of possibilities for shared activities.

Helping Out Around the House

Instead of having to manage both chores and keeping your toddler busy, why not combine the two? Through simple tasks like sorting laundry, wiping up, or stacking objects, toddlers get to interact in the real world through their own eyes. With a toddler tower nearby, you have the right tool needed to ensure they have a safe space to partake in any chore.

If you are doing something challenging, let us say a shoe repair, you can still bring the toddler tower nearby and give them a vantage point. Bonus points if you bring their favorite toy to play with. Now you have turned an independent chore into a shared activity, and they have gotten to learn more about you and the task than ever before.

Helping in the Kitchen

We think where the toddler tower shines is in the kitchen. For generations of toddlers, the kitchen was always dangerous. A parent cannot cook and hold them, and they are too short to see above the counters. But with a toddler tower, both of those are addressed.

As a result, toddlers get to be closer to the action than ever. They can happily splash in the sink and learn the importance of handwashing and even dishwashing. They can safely learn about the different kinds of noodles as you make pasta and let them try samples of their cooking.

A toddler tower can instantly transform a kitchen from a disjointed area into a shared activity for the whole family. The lasting impact of that can be a shared love for cooking that brings your family closer together than ever.

Tiny Trends Design Co. is a homegrown Canadian business. Our learning tower is designed with safety as its top priority. With our unique structure, we elevate children to explore new heights.

If you have any questions about this article or would like to know more about our learning tower, please contact us.


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