Life skills your Toddler Will Gain from a Learning Tower

July 30th, 2021
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One of the many great things about a learning tower is that it gives a child a literal boost. By using this device, they can safely access new heights. With that comes the potential of exciting new learning opportunities in any environment.

Thanks to the use of these towers, more and more toddlers are learning valuable life skills at a young age. Here are some of the few life skills that a toddler can learn with the help of a learning tower.

Cooking Skills

A big drawback we often overlook when it comes to cooking is the size required. By this we mean, you need to be able to see over the counters. For most toddlers and young children, this is impossible. Therefore, the kitchen is seen as a dangerous place due to falling objects.

However, with a toddler tower, the kitchen is now a dynamic learning activity. It provides a safe and secure space for your toddler to get involved. This can turn food preparation into a fun family activity.

Self Confidence and Independence

One thing that holds everyone back, not just toddlers, is anxiety. Anxiety often stems from a lack of experience. This is something that can be overcome with a learning tower. Instead of things being off-limits and daunting for toddlers, they get to learn them in a safe and manage way.

For instance, being fully responsible for cleaning up their toys or putting away their laundry is an effective way to promote independence. These tasks are often out of limits for them due to their physical size. However, that all changes with a learning tower.

Anything You Can Think Of

The truth is a learning tower is an incredibly versatile device. Whatever your passions may be, a learning tower can likely help your child see it in a new light. Not only will this allow them to develop valuable life skills, but it also creates lasting memories for the family.

Teaching a child how to cook at a young age is about more than education. It can become a pastime that is celebrated and repeated for many, many years.

Tiny Trends Design Co. is a homegrown Canadian business. Our learning tower is designed with safety as its top priority. With our unique structure, we elevate children to explore new heights.

If you have any questions about this article or would like to know more about our learning tower, please contact us.


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