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5 Top Tips to Use Your Learning Tower Safely

February 27th, 2021
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A learning tower is a simple and effective way to unlock a world of possibility for your child that may have otherwise been lost. With the help of this device, activities that used to be out of reach can quickly become their favorite hobbies. However, just like any piece of equipment, it needs to be used responsibly. By following these 5 tips for using your learning tower safely, you can maximize the uses, and minimize the drawbacks.

Never Leave Your Child Unattended

While a learning tower does encourage independence in children, that does not mean it is a good idea to leave your child unattended. Kids are creative and they often have a short attention span. Without you there to keep them focused, they might attempt to climb out of the tower, rock the tower back and forth, or potentially damage the tower.

Use a Learning Tower That is Easy to Assemble

Certain learning towers come with a prebuilt design and are assembled almost like Lego. We recommend a prebuilt tower such as ours, as it means there is less chance of accidents occurring. A prebuilt learning tower that is mass-produced and distributed (as compared to a homemade one) will also adhere to certain safety guidelines. This should help provide peace of mind for those first-time users.

Properly Inspect the Tower Before Each use

No matter the age of your learning tower, it is critical that you do a full inspection of it before any use. Any loose pieces or damage to the structure could lead to the tower collapsing, and potentially serious injury. Also, be mindful that all pieces should be locked firmly in place.

Keep the Tower in Place

Learning towers are meant to be stationary while in use. That is not to say they cannot be moved from area to area, or room to room, it is important to realize that they should not be dragged across the kitchen every few minutes. On top of damaging your floors, dragging a learning tower can damage its structure and loosen screws and connective pieces. The more you move it, the more unstable it is. When you do move it, make sure to pick it up.

Make Sure the Learning Tower is of Appropriate Size

Last but not least, it is to make sure that the learning tower is the right size for your child. Children can start using these towers as early as 2 years old. However, if a tower is too big, the safety bars may not align properly and there is a chance of accidents occurring. Therefore, make sure to consider the height and weight requirements and capacity of the learning tower you are looking into. Our towers have some adjustability.

Tiny Trends Design Co. is a homegrown Canadian business. Our learning tower is designed with safety as its top priority. With our unique structure, we elevate children to explore new heights. I

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