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Read articles about fun, learning based activities that you and your child can enjoy using our toddler towers and creative play products.

Is A Toddler Learning Tower the Same as A Montessori Stool
Toddler learning towers and Montessori stools are terms that are used synonymously. Because both products are relatively new, some vendors use these names interchangeably. However, these two products are usually slightly different, and there are some differences.
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Is 18 Months Too Soon for Children to Use a Learning Tower?
As a premier manufacturer of learning towers. We are often asked, "is 18 months too soon for using a learning tower?" The answer is simply no. For parents considering purchasing a learning tower, 18 months is the perfect time to invest in one.
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5 Advantages of Creative Low-Tech Play
5 Advantages of Creative Low-Tech Play
September 29th, 2021
Advertising companies often lead you to believe that technology is the best thing for children. However, engaging in low-tech play can provide a better way to stimulate creativity, independence, and social skills in toddlers.
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