About Us

Hi, My name is Deep. I'm blessed to be the coolest uncle to the sweetest angel. Our story starts when my sister asked me to make a tower for my little niece. I checked out all the designs online and noticed that they were either too bulky or wouldn’t look good in her kitchen.

With that being said, I made a tower for her but still wasn’t happy with the way it looked. So I kept researching and making new prototypes until I perfected my design. Now we have a very sleek looking tower that grows with your toddler!

Once Covid struck, I found that I had a lot of spare time so I started making more and more towers in my garage. Before you know it, things got a little crazy!! We’ve been so blessed with all the love and support since we started in March 2020. Not only that, we’ve also been able to create jobs during COVID which has been the greatest of all blessings. Not to mention, we have the best customers! I strongly believe that now more than ever we need to help and support small businesses across Canada, which is why we try to source most of our materials and supplies from small local businesses.